Doug Lombardi on Left for Dead and Episode 3

October 15, 2008 by Aaron

Doug Lombardi on Left for Dead and Episode 3

Kikizo have a great interview with Valve's own Doug Lombardi on the upcoming Left 4 Dead along with some interesting snippets regarding Half Life 2: Episode 3.

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Kikizo: You're not doing a PS3 version of Left 4 Dead. We all know the PS3 version of Orange Box was a bit ropey - did you just decide this time you couldn't be doing with all that again this time?

Lombardi: [laughs] You know, we didn't shop the PS3 Orange Box; EA came to us and said, "you're making this new Half-Life thing, can we make it multi platform?", and we said "sure". If somebody came to us and said, "can we do a platform extension of Left 4 Dead?", then we'd have a conversation with them...

Kikizo: Won't you announce or show anything on Episode 3 this year?

Lombardi: We may at the very end of the year.

My prediction is that a possible media release will be available on the launch of Left 4 dead.

Left 4 Dead will be released via Steam on the 18th of November with retail following on the 21st November.

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