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SteamOS unveiled: Reveal 1

Aptly called SteamOS, Valve has created an open source linux based operating system built around Steam itself. It will also be available soon as a free stand-alone operating system for the living room.

Tomb Raider GTX670 TRESSFX Benchmark

TressFX performance is currently not that great on nvidia hardware, This is a quick video of the Steam Tomb Raider PC benchmarking tool. Settings are set to Ultimate with FXAA AA. i7-2600K @ 4.4ghz GTX 670: default Vsync: Off: I game on a 120hz Asus so I usually always set vsync to Off. Fraps ...

Black Mesa Released! Here is the Torrent File

As Expected, The Black Mesa Homepage is being hammered.  Even Cloudflare is struggling to cope under the tremendous load of Gamers Worldwide. Torrent link – Black Mesa Mirror for ...

PlanetPhillip.Com Closes

Update: PlanetPhillip is now back online in a somewhat reduced capacity, good to see you back Phillip.  Check out the blog post for the full details. In what has become a rather sad day for the Half Life community, PlanetPhillip has officially shut down with this message: PlanetPhillip.Com Has ...

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