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Heroes FAST TRACKED to 7?

FAST TRACK 7 7's idea of fasttracking is showing a TV episode soon after it airs in the US - maybe in the hope to combat piracy, who really knows. The 7 Network concept of fast is very different to how I interpret it.  In fact, fast is defined as "occurring or happening within a short time; ...

Large Hadron Collider Set for Go!

Officials at CERN, the European Center for Nuclear Research, outside Geneva, announced Thursday that their new particle accelerator, the world’s largest, would begin operation on Sept. 10. On that date, the physicists and engineers will make the first attempt to circulate a beam of protons around a ...

Steam: The Definitive Gaming Platform Part 1

Gaming has redefined itself constantly over the years, pushing boundaries never thought possible – Not just technically, but socially, economically and even spiritually. PC gaming has always been at the forefront of such advancement, though recently our beloved platform of choice has been often ...

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