L4D 2 Once again Gets Refused Classification

October 23, 2009 by Aaron

L4D 2 Once again Gets Refused Classification

The Classification Review Board met yesterday on 22 October 2009 to consider the re-application for L4D2 and unfortunately the Review Board has unanimously determined that the computer game Left 4 Dead 2 is classified RC due to extreme violence.

Looks like Australia will be stuck with an edited version of Left 4 Dead 2 indefinitely.

I was personally going to pre-purchase this game but due to Australia's archaic Classification system, I just cannot bring myself to buy an edited version the game - Sorry Valve.

The OFLC official pdf.

A three-member panel of the Classification Review Board (the Review Board) has unanimously determined that the computer game Left 4 Dead 2 is classified RC (Refused Classification).

In the Review Board’s opinion, Left 4 Dead 2 could not be accommodated within the MA 15+ classification. The computer game contains a level of violence which is high in impact, prolonged, repeated frequently and realistic within the context of the game.

In addition, it was the Review Board’s opinion that there was insufficient delineation between the depiction of general zombie figures and the human figures, as opposed to the clearly fictional ‘infected’ characters. This was a major consideration of the Review Board in determining the impact of this game on minors.

Computer games classified RC cannot be sold, hired, advertised or demonstrated in Australia. The Classification Review Board convened today in response to an application from the distributor of the computer game, Electronic Arts, to review the decision made by the Classification Board on 15 September 2009 to classify Left 4 Dead 2 RC.

In reviewing the classification, the Classification Review Board worked within the framework of the National Classification Scheme, applying the provisions of the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995, the National Classification Code and the Guidelines for the Classification of Films and Computer Games. This is the same framework used by the Classification Board.

The Classification Review Board is an independent merits review body. Meeting in camera, it makes a fresh classification decision upon receipt of an application for review. This Classification Review Board decision takes the place of the original decision made by the Classification Board. The Classification Review Board’s reasons for this decision will appear on the Classification website when finalised.

Statement authorised by Victoria Rubensohn, Convenor, Classification Review Board

It will be interesting how this effects the modding community with altered in game assets.  Such a pity.

In the meantime watch the OFLC unedited trailer:


Check www.classification.gov.au for updates.

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