Steam User Interface Beta Available

February 24, 2010 by Aaron

Steam User Interface Beta Available

Haven't been posting much Steam news lately but Valves new Steam Beta update seems to be newsworthy.  Right now you can opt into the Steam UI beta and experience the biggest change in Steam since the gaming platform and online content distribution network was launched.

The Steam Store outlines all the changes and enhancements to the Steam client which you can digest here with my favorite being the new WebKit based rendering engine for the client and in-game overlay web browsing components which replaces the Internet Explorer dependency.  Fans rejoice!

As of today, a new version of Steam is available through a public opt-in beta, open to all Steam users. This Steam update provides several major upgrades to the platform's core functionality. We've overhauled the Steam user interface to enhance the way you already buy and play games, adding more info about the things that matter — getting games, playing them with friends, and staying current in the gaming world.

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