AFACT sues iiNet over customer piracy


Media Release:

Film industry launches legal action against iiNet to prevent online peer-to-peer copyright infringement.

Today, seven leading film companies and their affiliates and licensees filed a legal action against iiNet, a major Australian internet service provider.

The action was filed by Village Roadshow, Universal Pictures, Warner BrosEntertainment, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Disney Enterprises, Inc. and the Seven Network, the Australian licensee of some of the infringed works.

The current media distribution model in place has been under threat for quite some time – this comes as no surprise.  Suing everyone seems to be the current trend of backward media companies content on doing things the same way they have always done.

TV networks as they are today will not exist in 10 years,  It will all be on demand via online content distribution methods such as the protocols they are suing over.  More on Whirlpool.

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