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Release Date11th March 2016
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Just purchased this beauty from Teds Cameras this weekend who were kind enough to price match Camera house.  These shots were taken with an old Sony HX9V so apologies for the indoor lighting quality.

a6300 box image

Sony a6300 Box

Opening the box, manuals galore. Phase One Raw editor has a free version just for Sony users and is definitely a capable piece of software compared to Adobe’s Lightroom.


Lots of manuals

a6300 manuals

All manuals

Very happy about the standard micro usb cable and adapter.  No more losing manufacture specific USB oddities.

a6300 cables

Most regions taken care of

Taking the a6300 out of the box, again apologies for the photo quality.  From now on shots will definitely be a little more clearer.


a6300 out of the box

Lets get this thing onto charge ASAP.


Charge Port

Connecting an old e-mount 55mm to 210mm lense, its a start.


emount with 55mm to 210mm Lense

As you can see I am a very novice photographer but lets see what I can produce from this camera after on the first day:

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