Friday Roundup 06-02-09

February 6, 2009 by Aaron

Friday Roundup 06-02-09


Unreal Tournament 3 deathmatch with 4-player Wiimote support. On a serious note, Steamworks support has also been added, those who own a retail copy may now register it with Steam, free of charge.

Why not try your hand at building your very own Portal gun replica with Harrison Krix


TF2 has a new critical hits system.

Steam now gives you the ability to specify Content Download Region.

Left 4 Dead Critic's Choice Edition, DLC and SDK Details Revealed


AMD Phenom II Overclocked to 6.5GHz With Liquid Helium -220C smashing the world record for with a huge 45,474 3DMarks in the process.


Google Earth takes a dip in the Ocean with Google Earth 5

M-Lab has a Google powered ISP throttling detector.


THQ is giving the axe to 24 percent of its workforce which translates to about 600 employees.

More Doom and Gloom as EA Posts a Q3 Loss of $641 million and promptly cuts 1,100 Jobs.


Torrent Freak have their latest weekly ratings on TV shows. Probably the most accurate media ratings system around.


Online rights campaigner Geordie Guy received a threatening phone message last month after publicly disagreeing with an article supporting the Federal Government’s web filtering plan.

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