Left 4 Dead hand Model revealed

June 18, 2009 by Aaron

Left 4 Dead hand Model revealed

Whilst the rest of the gaming web is covering 2 moderately different L4D 2 box art renditions:  I agree, excitement plus!, Valve have also uncovered L4D hand model and Valve artist Andrea Wicklund on the L4D blog.


What is the deal?  The ESRB didn't like the original planed box art that was presented at E3.

Sadly, the ESRB got wind of this, and cited some fake-sounding legal loophole about it being illegal to take pictures of people biting off parts of their hands.

Image via Ars Technica
Image via Ars Technica

So Valve came up with the following image:

So for L4D2, Andrea used state-of-the-art eye-tricking techniques (tucking two of her fingers behind her hand) to create the illusion that her fingers were missing:


Maybe they can post me the box when I buy this off Steam?

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