OzSource Australia Update

September 9, 2009 by Aaron

OzSource Australia Update

You may have noticed all the non Steam content has evaporated from the site, That's because I have split the site and moved the media aspect to www.OzSource.com.au

steamgamer.net will now remain a Steam fan/info site just the way it has always really been.

What's new at Ozsource AU?

Printable Home Theater signs and Logo’s

I came across this excellent resource of various Theater Signs whilst visiting AVS forums. What can you do with these? Checkout this AVS forum post and finish off your home theater room with some professional looking wall posters.  You can even create an impressive desktop background or Collage for your HTPC screen using these images.

HDMI cables and Versions, buying cheap is fine.

Is a more expensive HDMI cable better? In most real world cases, the answer is a definite no. As long as the cable you are buying conforms to the HDMI 1.3 spec you will be fine in today's consumer devices.  There is a common saying on the internet in regards to buying HDMI cables

What is ITC Processing: ATI

ITC Processing has been available on ATI graphics cards since Catalyst 9.2 though it can have a positive or negative impact depending on your display device.  I posted this on my blog at azzx.org a while ago though I have yet to see any significant difference with having this option enabled.

Logitech Mini diNovo perfect for a HTPC

If you have a Windows based HTPC this little baby is an awesome addition to your Home theatre Centre. Offering two distinct operating modes: A media mode (see pic) and a cursor mode, this portable keyboard offers pretty much everything you require for a lounge room PC based perspective.

XBMC HTPC Windows Quick Setup guide

As highlighted with our previous XBMC introduction article,   I have been using XBMC since it's transformation from XBMP (Xbox Media Player) and was the sole reason I purchased the original xbox.  This day and age the focus is on High Definition formats and the original Xbox just doesn't cut it in terms of horsepower.

Cheapest online PS3 Slim Australia.

Available now for pre-ordering and finally arriving on the 3rd of September (Tomorrow) in Australia, the PS3 Slim is a hot piece of hardware.  At long last Sony have got the pricing almost perfect on their current generation console. From the vast majority of stores, it looks as if it will retail for around AU$500 but
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