Robin Walker talks Team Fortress 2

May 1, 2009 by Aaron

Robin Walker talks Team Fortress 2

In another interview by Shacknews , Valve's Robin Walker once again discusses the evolution of Team Fortress 2 and confirms the future Head Gear and Backpack updates.  The RPG like elements Valve have been introducing have been great for the game though will it turn off of the casual gaming audience and newcomers?


  • Head-slot items to be out before the Sniper pack is out.
  • Right now they're all cosmetic items only with possible user creation.
  • When the next update ships, Players will be able to find any item, including ones they've deleted in the past.
  • We are aware of the desire for leagues to control what their players are using, so we're thinking about how we can help them do that.
  • Multiple ways for players to get items.
  • There's still the Pyro, Medic, and Spy "Meet the" videos to go.
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