Steamcast Exclusive interview with Gabe Newell

August 14, 2009 by Aaron

Steamcast Exclusive interview with Gabe Newell

Steamcast is a podcast on all things Valve and the latest episode has an interesting interview with Gabe Newell.

Hell when you are a fan, anything Valve or Steam related is awesome.

In this episode we are very, very happy to have nightcabbage (Justin) join us who brings us an awesome exclusive interview with Gabe Newell, the co-founder and managing director of Valve Software. We also discuss Depeche Mode branding in Left 4 Dead 2, re-playability issues in Left 4 Dead and various other topics. Huge thanks again to nightcabbage!

Steamcast Link (main page down atm)
Direct download: 101.2 MB (MP3)
Transcript of the interview here

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