TF2: The Scout is next, new payload map and gamemode

January 21, 2009 by Aaron

TF2: The Scout is next, new payload map and gamemode

Escapist Magazine has some intriguing new information regarding the ever evolving Team Fortress 2 along with some insight into the games development with Valves very own Robin Walker.

pyro-tinyaxThe Scout is the next class slated for the special treatment, and Walker expects the update will be available early this year. Additionally, the team is juggling a number of side projects at the moment, including finally bringing a year's worth of the downloadable content and upgrades to the Xbox 360 version of the game. A new Payload map is in the works, more community maps are on the way and the team will soon unveil a very different new game mode.

Robin Walker:

"We've got several new class designs floating around, some of which we like a lot, but right now we're focusing on the broadening of our existing classes through the addition of the unlockables,"


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