TF2 Update 12-12-08


This update I would like to call the “Engy and Spy v’s Demo Update” as it seems geared to reducing the Demoman’s overall power and effectiveness whilst encouraging greater use of the spy.

– The Engineer’s teleporters can now be upgraded to level three. It will recharge faster the higher level it is
– The Engineer’s dispensers can now be upgraded to level three. It will give out metal and heal faster as it is upgraded
– Spies will be able to recharge their cloaking ability by picking up ammo off of the ground or from health cabinets
– Some changes to the second part of the first stage of Goldrush to give the attackers more of an advantage
– Any weapons that fire bullets (shotguns, sniper’s machine gun, heavy’s minigun, etc.) can now break apart the Demoman’s stickybombs
– The icon on the HUD for a person calling for Medic will now give more information to the medic (if the target is low on health, on fire, etc.)
– Added an achievement tracker that will allow people to choose specific achievements that they are trying to get
– There is now a custom icon for death messages when the player was killed from a critical hit
– Added a new particle effect for when a player enters the water
– Added smoke to the feet of a rocket jumping soldier
– Players will now have some particles swirling around them so other players can see when they are overhealed

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