The Novint Falcon Pistol Grip gun thing



This gadget looks pretty spiffy,  maybe not something to fully replace the trusted keyboard and mouse FPS combo but intriguing nonetheless – especially now it has a pistol attachment.  The Falcon was originally announced at CES 09.


The Novint Falcon lets you control a game in three dimensions, and also lets you feel high-fidelity three-dimensional force feedback. The Falcon controller moves right and left, forwards and backwards, like a mouse, but also moves up and down.

The Novint Falcon currently works with a number of popular games including full Orange box support and has had the backing of Gabe Newell himself.

Gabe Newell, Valve: “The Falcon adds a new level of interaction for PC gaming, adding compelling force feedback while maintaining controls as accurate as a mouse, and now the millions of Steam gamers will have the chance to play, feeling this new type of experience.”

The device itself seems targeted at the PC gaming market though I personally think it would be better suited to the console FPS crowd due to better contol compared to the tradition controller. For the privilege to show off a Novint Falcon, you will need to fork out  about US$350 or get it bundled with games you probably already have. Source.

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