The Nintendo 2DS Revealed: Releases 12th of October

August 29, 2013 by Aaron

The Nintendo 2DS Revealed: Releases 12th of October

Nintendo has officially revealed their latest entrant into the hand held console market: A 3DS without the 3D.... Wait What?

The Official spiel: The new Nintendo 2DS system gives you all the features of the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL, minus 3D viewing. And the price makes the world of Nintendo games even more accessible.

Opinion:  I think this device looks ridiculous but at the same time, a clever attempt at creating a cheap entry level platform for the next entrant into the massively popular Pokemon franchise.  One of the biggest issues with modern Nintendo at the moment is Brand marketing and I don't think the 2DS is going to help Ninty alleviate any of these;  in fact it will add to the brand confusion.

The Nintendo 2ds will be available on the 12th of October with a RRP of $129.99.  If you have seen a good deal on the new 2DS, be sure to submit the link in our 2DS Section.

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