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Samsung Galaxy S6 & Edge Available: From April 10 2015.

The successor to the Galaxy S5 Meet the Samsung Galaxy S6 ans S6 edge. Sharing some similarities to past Galaxy S smartphones, the Galaxy S6 features several major departures from them, including the use of a metal unibody frame instead of plastic, a back cover made of glass, and a lack of removable battery or expandable storage. The device also introduces an improved camera, supports both major wireless charging standards, and will support a new mobile payments platform that allows the device to emulate the magnetic strip on a credit card. The S6 features other hardware improvements as well, including a quad HD display and a revised fingerprint scanner. Alongside the S6, Samsung also unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, a variant of the device whose screen is wrapped along the sides of the device; the curvature is usable for several additional features. For more check

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