Boxee Update: Mac, Pandora, Hulu and Radiotime.

April 7, 2009 by Aaron

Boxee Update: Mac, Pandora, Hulu and Radiotime.

boxee_logoThe Open Source XBMC fork; Boxee, has been going from strength to strength adding some new "most requested" features and also managing to get Hulu into the front end thanks to a unique legal workaround.  The new version is currently only for Mac platforms at this stage with Windows and Linux soon to follow.

Download boxee for Intel Mac OS X 10.4+ -

Last week we released a new test version of the boxee alpha for Mac and Apple TV that included Pandora, RadioTime and a new boxee browser. spending a week fixing issues reported by users taking the plunge running the bleeding edge version, today we are releasing it to the masses.

Next on our agenda are the much anticipated updates to Ubuntu and Windows, bringing them up to par with the Mac version, and releasing Windows publicly.

If you've used boxee to access Hulu in the past, with this new version you'll notice that boxee displays the webpage before playing the video. this is thanks to a new boxee browser based on Mozilla (like Firefox).

This new boxee browser lays the groundwork to support any video available on the web. to try out the new browser you can add RSS feeds in the App Box or go to Video > Browse > Add Source and add a URL - boxee will try to display the page and if there is a video on the page play the video.

Pandora - your most requested Internet music service is now on boxee. you can listen to your QuickMix and stations, as well as create new stations. it is a beautiful app built with our new API. make sure to check it out.

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