Find $10,000 with Microsoft IE8!

June 18, 2009 by Aaron

Find $10,000 with Microsoft IE8!

tengrandisburiedIn a refreshingly to the point Internet Explorer 8 promotional stunt, Microsoft has buried $10,000 somewhere on the internet.  Be the first to find it and you keep it.


Visit the IE8 $10,000 competition website and follow tengrand_ie8 on Twitter.

But you will never find it using old Firefox. (So get rid of it, or get lost)

  1. To enter the competition, the entrant must follow clues released by @Tengrand_IE8 on Twitter and on The clues section on is only viewable in Internet Explorer 8. These clues will lead the entrant to the hidden webpage.
  2. The hidden webpage can only be viewed in Internet Explorer 8. The entrant must have download Internet Explorer 8 to successfully view the hidden webpage. Upon discovery of the hidden webpage, the entrant must register his/her details, via the hidden webpage 'Claim' button.
  3. The first successful registration received via the hidden webpage by the Promoter will be adjudged the winner of the competition.
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