Songbird 1.2 Released

June 19, 2009 by Aaron

Songbird 1.2 Released

The Open Source Itunes killer, Songbird has just had an update.  Along with Foobar2000 it is probably the best free music player available.

New Features

Automatically Organise Library Files

Songbird can now automatically organise the files that are contained in your library. Once enabled, it will consolidate your media in one location. You can customise the structure of the folder and file names based on metadata contained in every track.

2-way Sync with iTunes
If you're using iTunes Music Store to purchase content, you can now automatically expose iTunes library tracks and playlists into Songbird. You can also export tracks and playlists added to Songbird back into iTunes, so that they can easily be synced to your iPhone or iPod touch. Radio Radio supports artist, tag, and user stations, mapping station links on the website to play internally in Songbird. It includes the Radio Directory allowing you to conveniently browse and explore the tag and artist relationships on Additionally, the Radio directory includes quick links for playing stations based on your library, your Songbird library, and friends/neighbours' libraries.

10-band Equalizer
Now you can tweak the frequency response of the audio playback to match your room's acoustics or your personal preferences.

Performance Enhancements

  • Faster search
  • Deleting many tracks at once is faster
  • Selecting a large amount of tracks from the library is no longer slow
  • Reduced the amount of threads required to be running at all times by 50%
  • Fewer Crashes: We've worked hard to identify and fix some of the most common crashes in Songbird.
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