Adrenalin Gamer 2 v1.0

January 20, 2010 by Aaron

Adrenalin Gamer 2 v1.0

HL2DM:Pro becomes the spiritual successor to the highly popular multiplayer Adrenalin Gamer mod for the original Half Life:

AG2 v1.0 Released

Today is a great day as AG2 is officially available. You can download the full installer and/or zip file in the download.
AG2 includes some very advanced features. It matches not only the players who wish to play a fast paced game but also all the players who do enjoy the Regular version from VALVe.

This mod does include both regular and a fast paced mode for the sake of everyone's pleasure.  AG2 is bug free which also means that the bugs that are in the original regular HL2DM from VALVe have all been fixed.  As you all know, AG2 also brings a lot of advanced features for managing matches as well as servers and also includes many game mods.
Well, we count on you 🙂

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