Digg.com Apple affiliation?

November 29, 2008 by Aaron

Digg.com Apple affiliation?

If you have ever frequented DIGG you may have noticed the significant focus on pro Apple related topics and a fanbase that is ready to defend anything Steve Jobs spews forth from his collective combine of style over substance drones.

Questioning the Apple licencing terms can get your comments banned - even reviewed from DIGG - A social networking process seemingly exempt from posting warez links yet it bends over backwards to protect their affiliated interests.

Being a long term paid Mac user has not been the rewarding experience you have made it out to be Steve.  In fact, a lot of the code in OSX is licensed under the GPL (v2)  So much so, OSX is possible in defiance of this licence.  I followed the Joomla stance on this very issue and can sort of understand the Apple concept and implementation on this issue.

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