Freys Aussie Steam Filter

October 22, 2009 by Aaron

Freys Aussie Steam Filter

Here is a great tool for getting unmetered Steam content for all you Australian Steam users.  Whilst you can select various content server location within Steam, this is not always ideal and may not guarantee unmetered downloading.  Steam will automatically pick another server if the content is not available or there are connection issues.

This tool will be great when downloading the 20gig Dragon Age Game via Steam.

Frey's Steam Filter

Here's a little program that I put together that will only allow steam to download from your own ISP's unmetered steam server list.  This will work 100% compared to other programs out there and steams own region filter as it uses windows inbuilt IPSec rules.

I have created filters for the following ISP's -

You can download the filters from this page.

You can find more information in this Whirlpool thread.

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