Gabe Newell In OZ

October 8, 2009 by Aaron

Gabe Newell In OZ

You may remember the recent Fly Gabe Newell stunt, Byteside blog was there and has the video on the Gabe Newell and Joe meeting.  Gabe talks about the strength of PC gaming and praises the gaming and modding community in general.

Gabe spoke the value of a community before introducing Joe. Said Gabe, of Joe: “Joe understands more about the dynamic of the internet than 95% of the vice presidents.”

Joe then bravely spoke a bit about how it all came about and fielded a few questions. We are thrilled to report that Joe’s a top bloke. He launched this campaign not to draw attention to himself but to simply get Gabe in front of his mod. That’s all. The explosion of interest in his story has him overwhelmed, but not to the point where he lost focus of his mission.

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