PlanetPhillip.Com Closes

July 11, 2012 by Aaron

PlanetPhillip.Com Closes

Update: PlanetPhillip is now back online in a somewhat reduced capacity, good to see you back Phillip.  Check out the blog post for the full details.

In what has become a rather sad day for the Half Life community, PlanetPhillip has officially shut down with this message:

PlanetPhillip.Com Has Closed

It may reopen in October

Tuesday 10 July: Just a quick update

NOTHING has been deleted: calm down. I just needed to close the site completely for my own personal reasons. I wouldn’t just delete the site and files. I’m stressed but not stupid. Stay Tuned

Original Notice

I have run the site for over 8 years and invested over 10,000 hours into it. Others have helped me, but it’s mostly my work. Recently, I have become tired. Tired of how every weekend is consumed with the list of tasks related to the site. Tired of dealing with content thieves, idiots and the general hassle that goes with such a comprehensive site. No doubt some will call the closure “melodramatic” but they have no idea of what’s involved.

I may reopen in October and having the summer off may recharge my batteries. At this point I doubt it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has helped me and to all my dedicated readers.

Phillip Marlowe – Sunday 08 July 2012

About Planet Phillip contains the most comprehensive database of single player maps and mods for the Half-Life series of game on the Internet. In addition the site contains Phillip’s blog, which includes topics such as game ideas and mod stories, commentary on gaming topics, weekly poll questions, interviews with mod authors and more.

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