Steam Gamer Relaunching Soon

April 22, 2011 by Aaron

Steam Gamer Relaunching Soon

Prepare to welcome back Steam Gamer, the only downunder gaming website dedicated to the Steam platform sometime in May make that July! When I stop being slack.

Up and Coming Features

  • Brink Servers Scratch that, no one appears to be playing in Australia.
  • Black Mesa Deathmatch Servers (when Available)
  • The Steam Gamer (Empty) Server.  Stay tuned for this! (proving difficult to implement though workable)
  • Reviews, yes we need to do something different.

On a different note, I recently took over Valve Community from Planet Phillip in the hope of continuing the website and maintaining it in such a way that it would be beneficial to the community at large.  After 3 redesigns and much procrastination, the website is almost completed.  Page views have tripled in the last few months so now is a great time to add your Valve, Steam or Source Engine based website, fansite or modsite .

Check out Valve Community here.

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