Steam Gamer Relaunching Soon


Prepare to welcome back Steam Gamer, the only downunder gaming website dedicated to the Steam platform sometime in May make that July! When I stop being slack.

Up and Coming Features

  • Brink Servers Scratch that, no one appears to be playing in Australia.
  • Black Mesa Deathmatch Servers (when Available)
  • The Steam Gamer (Empty) Server.  Stay tuned for this! (proving difficult to implement though workable)
  • Reviews, yes we need to do something different.

On a different note, I recently took over Valve Community from Planet Phillip in the hope of continuing the website and maintaining it in such a way that it would be beneficial to the community at large.  After 3 redesigns and much procrastination, the website is almost completed.  Page views have tripled in the last few months so now is a great time to add your Valve, Steam or Source Engine based website, fansite or modsite .

Check out Valve Community here.

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