Steam goes HTPC with Big Picture Mode

March 1, 2011 by Aaron

Steam goes HTPC with Big Picture Mode

Many of  us have enjoyed the benefits of a dedicated HTPC type device in the home for years now, catering to all our media and home server type needs without restriction.  But what about gaming?   There are launchers for PC games which accommodate a HDTV but that is all they are.  The concept of a big screen User Interface for Steam would be a fantastic addition and It looks like our thoughts have been answered.

Valve earlier today disclosed its plans for a new "big picture" mode of Steam which will offer controller support and navigation designed for television interaction.

Details regarding big picture mode are among the highlights Valve plans to share with developers and publishers in its partner meetings during GDC this week in San Francisco.

If you want a pseudo big Screen Steam experience now why not try it the way I currently do.  My lounge room  HTPC runs XBMC which is set to launch Steam when a HDTV PC gaming fix is needed.

It is as simple as adding the XBMC shortcut to Steam and adding Steam to the XBMC launcher plugin.  You can then add Steam shortcuts directly to XBMC and activate each game at the click of a button.

Games with controller capability make for the best big screen experience though on more than one occasion I have sat on the couch with keyboard and wireless mouse in hand!

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