Team Fortress 2 Update 15-10-09

October 15, 2009 by Aaron

Team Fortress 2 Update 15-10-09

Another Day, Another update.  This One I would like to call the "TF2 Dodgy Server update."

Team Fortress 2:

  • Added "+quickswitch" command, which brings up a small panel allowing you to rapidly change the loadout of your current class & active weapon slot.
  • Added server ConVar "tf_teamtalk" to allow alive/dead teammates to talk with each other during a match (default is 0)
  • Added 1/2 Bonus Point for healing a teammate with a dropped sandvich
  • Updated the class menu to show the local player's current class
  • Updated server ConVar "tf_playergib" to have 3 settings for player gibs: 0: never, 1: normal, 2: always (default is 1)
  • Updated "player_hurt" game event to include "damageamount" and "crit" values
  • Fixed a rare crash in particle system
  • Fixed being able to eat your sandvich (via taunt) and drop it in the same frame
  • Fixed not correctly remembering the last weapon if you're using "remember active weapon" and the last weapon was the weapon in slot 0
  • Fixed Medic not being able to release his UberCharge if his team won the previous round and the Medigun was his last active weapon (while using "remember last active weapon")
  • Fixed not remembering the last active weapon correctly if the player didn't die before the next round restart
  • Prevented servers from using steam:// commands in their MOTD text
  • Fixed using the regen cabinets to get more health than you should when you switch between weapons with/without max health reduction attributes
  • Fixed friendly-fire/spectator exploit using projectiles
  • Fixed disguised spies not getting ammo from enemy dispensers
  • Fixed thrown sandvich traveling through players before being activated
  • Fixed sandviches sometimes spawning inside walls, or being thrown through thin walls
  • Fixed fire overlay drawing on hats in DX80
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed servers to corrupt client's item database
  • Fixed full packet updates showing cloaked Spies for an instant
  • Fixed a prediction error resulting in mis-predictions of crits

Community requests:

  • Added new "func_flag_alert" entity that fires an alert when a player carrying a flag starts touching the entity
  • Added server ConVar "bot_crouch" to make bots crouch
  • Added model override for item_teamflag entity
  • Added ability to turn off particle trail for players carrying the item_teamflag entity
  • Updated team_train_watcher to support 8 cp/track links (was previously 4)
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