TF2 Friendship ends in one day Comic

December 10, 2009 by Aaron

TF2 Friendship ends in one day Comic

01There is some bizarreness happening in the world of Team Fortress 2 lately and todays official blog update is no exception.  The Administrator is pissed at the apparent blossoming relationship between the Red Demoman and Blue Soldier.  If that doesn't turn all you FPS nuts on, I don't know what will!

Click the Comic on the right to discover the Administrators evil plans to fracture the twisted friendship of two natural enemies.  They are Red and Blue after all.... Potential Demoman and Solder update?

The latest Team Fortress 2 update comes with the following audio files (you tube vid) which people believed had the potential to be a new gamemode, but not so according to Robin Walker from this Kotaku article.

We've got something coming, but it's not a new game mode," Valve's Robin Walker says. "The key to understanding the new sound files is to figure out who's hearing them in-game, and who isn't.

Alert a friendship has been detected and will be eliminated:


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