Valve Appeals L4D 2 Ban

September 25, 2009 by Aaron

Valve Appeals L4D 2 Ban

Valve announced today it has appealed the Australian OFLC ruling of Left 4 Dead 2, hopefully they manage to convince the archaic OFLC to rate the highly anticipated Zombie Co-Op FPS.

Valve recently told IGN:

It would be a shame if folks in Australia, or anywhere else, are unable to purchase Left 4 Dead 2 because of a ratings issue.

Valve also sent IGN an update of all the ratings from different countries and regions:


  • PEGI (continental Europe) - 18+
  • ESRB (North America) - M
  • CERO (Japan) -Z (corresponds to Mature in US)
  • IFCO (Ireland) - Approved the title for classification.
  • USK (Germany) - 18+
  • Singapore - Mature 18
  • FPB (South Africa) - 18+
  • KGRB (Korea) -18+


  • OLFC New Zealand - In progress.
  • BBFC (UK) - In progress.
  • OFLC Australia - Refused to rate on September 19. Appealed September 23.
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