What Is In The Box: A HALF LIFE Inspiration?

March 20, 2009 by Aaron

What Is In The Box: A HALF LIFE Inspiration?

Here is another impressive Half Life inspired fan video, initially looking to be part of some sort of viral marketing campaign for HL2 Episode 3, Doug Lombardi has confirmed the "What Is In The Box" video was made by fans.:

Edit: The box has been opened!

Two of the people involved, Tim Smit and Steven Roeters, recently won a film competition landing them a meet-and-greet with Discovery Channel's Mythbusters. In an article from their college campus paper following the competition, the pair mentioned they were hard at work on a film titled What's In the Box? So, unless they forgot to mention Valve contracted them for a viral marketing ad, this one remains labeled as an homage of sorts. Source



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