What is in the Box gets opened

April 8, 2009 by Aaron

What is in the Box gets opened

You may remember that fantastic fan video posted on youtube a few weeks back and that cryptic viral type of website that went along with it.   The original Youtube page now bears the description "The Box is Open" and the website has had a rather sinister update:

If you want to avoid some spoilers and piece the puzzles yourself head over to What Is In The Box now.


Hovering your mouse over the bottom of the red ring displays a few hex colour codes and clicking this area produces an input box.  Typing in Help displays the word " High Contrast" so after a quick screengrab and upping the contrast in Photoshop you get this:


Clicking the top of the Ring directs you to another url http://babel-research.eu/witb/stream/witb/stream/ with an updated Test Film.  The root domain this video is hosted on is called Babel Research: Unlocking the universe and achieving the impossible.

I stumbled apon the site Wikibruce and they have made some impressive progress in decrypting this fantastic viral campaign:

jion_babelUnited European Corps

Once on this site, view the source, and you’ll find commented HTML with the text:

/snd/mc2.mp3 (listen)

In reverse, this becomes a voice saying:

located within quarantine zone

This clip is also revealed in the high quality video stream page source.

The image displayed in the center of this page is located here:
http://babel-research.eu/witb/images/UE_join.jpg More

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